Francesca Rudkin

Francesca Rudkin

Over the last 15 years Francesca Rudkin has been working in the media as a film and music reviewer (NZ Herald, Breakfast TV), a television presenter and producer, and voice over artist. Francesca is Rialto Channel's resident vlogger, allowing her to indulge in her love of world cinema. Her next challenge is to convince her young children that being a “Cinephile” is a legitimate profession.

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Spotlight on NZ Film

Posted on Tuesday 16/08/2011 August, 2011 by Francesca Rudkin

In a recent chat I had with Simone Horrocks, director of After the Waterfall, we were discussing the length of time it can take for a film to see the light of day. In her case, 12 years.

Post-Festival Fatigue and this week on Rialto Channel

Posted on Monday 8/08/2011 August, 2011 by Francesca Rudkin

It lingered longer than usual, thanks to Harry Potter 7.2 hogging all the 3D screens, but the New Zealand International Film Festival has finally wrapped in Auckland.

Welcome to the Rialto Channel Blog

Posted on Friday 29/07/2011 July, 2011 by Francesca Rudkin
Over the last 15 years reviewing and talking film I’ve scored some pretty good jobs, although I’m still trying to convince some family members “watching movies” is a legitimate career. My latest gig here on Rialto Channel’s fabulous new website, must be one of the best yet
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