Francesca Rudkin

Francesca Rudkin

Over the last 20 years Francesca Rudkin has been working in the media as a film and music reviewer (NZ Herald, Breakfast TV), a television presenter and producer, and voice over artist. Francesca is Rialto Channel's resident vlogger, allowing her to indulge in her love of world cinema. Her next challenge is to convince her young children that being a “Cinephile” is a legitimate profession.

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Highlights of the Week

Posted on Monday 19/09/2011 September, 2011 by Francesca Rudkin
When Hollywood couples decide to work and play together........

Christopher Plummer Joins The Oscar Race

Posted on Thursday 15/09/2011 September, 2011 by Francesca Rudkin
This Saturday, Rialto Official Selection is playing one of the most delightful, charming and outrageously melodramatic films of 2010, The Last Station, starring Christopher Plummer.........

Benvenuti to the Italian Film Season

Posted on Tuesday 13/09/2011 September, 2011 by Francesca Rudkin

At the end of this month the 2011 Alfa Romeo Italian Film Festival kicks off in cinemas, and Rialto Channel is helping you get in the mood throughout September.

68th Venice Film Festival Winners Announced

Posted on Monday 12/09/2011 September, 2011 by Francesca Rudkin

George Clooney’s The Ides of March, David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method, and Roman Polanski’s Carnage all missed out on the top Golden Lion Award at the 68th Venice Film Festival.

Russian director Aleksandra Sokurov (Russian Ark) was the surprise winner of the Golden Lion Award, announced on Saturday, for his film Faust. A fantasy version of the legend of Faust, it is...........


Posted on Wednesday 7/09/2011 September, 2011 by Francesca Rudkin

In 1963, Roman Polanski’s debut feature film Knife in the Water screened at the inaugural New York Film Festival; five decades later it’s just been announced that his most recent film Carnage will open the 49th New York Film Festival, which opens on September 30....

The Sounds of Rarotonga

Posted on Monday 5/09/2011 September, 2011 by Francesca Rudkin

With Father’s Day yesterday, it is the perfect time to talk about Songs for A Bigger Island (Sunday 11th September, 5.50pm). In this one hour documentary, director Costa Botes captures Will Crummer recording his album Shoebox Lovesongs - The Rarotongan Music of Will Crummer; a musical collaboration between Will and his well-known daughter Annie Crummer....

Interview with Sara Ziff and Ole Schell, Directors of 'Picture Me: A Model's Diary'

Posted on Monday 29/08/2011 August, 2011 by Francesca Rudkin

Fashion Week is upon us people, and over the next week celebrities will be swilling free booze and changing their outfit three times a day, fashion reporters will be updating us on “key pieces” and “emerging trends” and gossip columnists will be keeping a close eye on front row breaches of fashion show etiquette.


Behind the scenes though, it will be a different story as local designers and their teams work tirelessly to promote and sell their collections. We don’t get to see the reality of life behind the scenes very often, but now thanks to the effort of Sara Ziff and Ole Schell, we get to see inside the fashion industry from the unique perspective of the model...

Interview with Rawiri Paratene, lead actor in 'The Insatiable Moon'

Posted on Friday 19/08/2011 August, 2011 by Francesca Rudkin

Coming up on Rialto this Saturday night (20 August, 8.30pm) is the New Zealand television premiere of local film The Insatiable Moon starring Rawiri Paratene (Whale Rider) as psychiatric patient Arthur. He’s utterly charming and convincing as this colourful character who wanders barefoot around Ponsonby, Auckland looking for his Queen of Heaven (Sara Wiseman), caring for  those who struggle to take care of themselves, and imparting his worldly wisdom on anyone sensible enough to stop and listen....

Interview with Simone Horrock, director of After The Waterfall

Posted on Friday 19/08/2011 August, 2011 by Francesca Rudkin
Simone Horrock’s debut feature film After the Waterfall premieres on Rialto Channel this Saturday evening (Saturday 27th August). It’s a brooding, intense and ambitious debut set against the timeless and remote backdrop of Auckland’s West Coast, and star’s Outrageous Fortune’s Antony Starr as John Drean, a park ranger who takes his four year old daughter to work one day, only for her to mysteriously disappear....

Spotlight on NZ Film

Posted on Tuesday 16/08/2011 August, 2011 by Francesca Rudkin

In a recent chat I had with Simone Horrocks, director of After the Waterfall, we were discussing the length of time it can take for a film to see the light of day. In her case, 12 years.
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