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On The Wandering Paths

Famed writer and explorer Pierre suffers a terrible fall that leaves him in a coma. When he wakes up, he struggles to walk. Against everyone's advice, he decides to explore France on foot, along forgotten pathways.


Jackie Stewart

Jackie Stewart is the compelling documentary film on Formula 1 World Champion, team owner and legend of the sport, Sir Jackie Stewart. Using immaculately restored and previously unseen archive footage, the film charts Sir Jackie’s life from his humble beginnings outside Glasgow...



Loop Track

Writer, actor and comedian Tom Sainsbury collaborates with Chillbox Creative for his first feature, Loop Track, an electrifying journey into the unknown.



Shakespeare: Rise Of A Genius

The incredible story of how a glover's son became the greatest writer who ever lived. Shakespeare's creative genius was nourished by a dangerous and exciting world filled with bitter rivalries, rebellion, murder and deadly plague.




Prosthetics engineer, Abi, moves to the countryside to work on Integrate Robotic's latest product--a humanoid AI called T.I.M.; Technologically. Integrated. Manservant.



La Porta Rossa: Series 3

While Anna and Paoletto lead the official investigation while trying to deal with their personal issues, Leonardo and Vanessa must learn to trust each other to solve the mystery that binds the former commissioner to the world of the living...