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Uploaded by Dan Morrow
Wednesday 09 Oct
A short story of a little creature named Comet, who becomes lost on a strange planet and tries to find his way home. Along the way, he is faced with many challenges, but also becomes friends with a young boy who is dealing with the same issues of finding trouble fitting in and loneliness. Comet must then make a choice to stay with the boy or to leave and continue his quest in order to find his tru


Uploaded by Brandon
Saturday 31 Aug
Michael. A short horror sequence on a long term serial killer, who not only kills his female victims but preserves their bodies in an underground tomb, he is caught and questioned when a lady noticed his unconscious body and heard noises from a nearby room. I have moved away from the script in terms of editing and made it as this, A man wakes up in hospital, confused, his memory begins to

Donna Must Die!

Uploaded by Ismail Jamaludin
Wednesday 20 Feb
Fred, a passive aggressive husband, is confronted by his urge for revenge when his lifeless wife Donna accidentally destroys his prized possession. Once Donna leaves town, Fred starts planning his escape. AWARDS: Cinematography Award - 8th Early Bird Student Film Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2012 Best International Short - Dublin International Short Film And Music Festival, Ireland, 2012 Best

In Silence ( Csendben )

Uploaded by Janos Tokar (Jani Tokar)
Wednesday 27 Mar
It' s a sad love life of a strange girl!


Uploaded by Roberto Nascimento
Saturday 12 Jan
The journey of an inexperienced actor going to his first audition. He finds out that, in order to get the role for the commercial ad, he has to be able to fight for it. Literally.

Ngā Taumaru - Shadows

Uploaded by Hana Tapiata
Tuesday 22 Jan
A story based on true events, shows a young Maori man, Tommy, a paranoid schizophrenic, retelling his life story to a video camera

Alone after work

Uploaded by Amrit
Monday 20 Aug
How would you act,when you're after work and lonely in a car parking area, if you notice that someone's staring at you?


Uploaded by Demeter Lorant
Monday 13 Aug
A man wakes up to a world disappearing.

A Treasure for Django

Uploaded by Tamás Balogh
Tuesday 22 May
A 15-minute spaghetti western kind of short film. Some editing glitches (like white flashes at the end of some clips) never got smoothed out, because its really a pain in the ass to cut your shit with the crappiest editor program you had, sorry about it.


Uploaded by George Ovcinikov
Monday 14 May
In a grey, routine engulfed city a woman is looking for an answer, not being able to find herself in the life built and controlled by the System. Based on the texts by Viktor Pelevin and Dzalaladin Rumi. Starring- Greta Repcyte Voice Over by Tom Cottam This is an uncommercial student work. All views expressed in this video are solely my own.


Uploaded by G.Santosh Charan Prasad
Wednesday 21 Dec
BLASPHEMY is the dark tale of a lonely guy obsessed with death who writes a letter before he kills himself. This short film follows the journey of that letter! It is an amateur attempt at making a short film in our final semester (January to May '11) of BITS-Pilani, India. We had limitations in terms of locations, resources and time! We had the camera with us for under 4 hours within which we


Uploaded by Anwar
Sunday 22 Jan
a tale of two friends one wakes up from dream to find out life is more weird without his bestfriend and his love... both are lost and the reason... his dreams

Alone Avant Garde

Uploaded by Hud Krikorian
Tuesday 24 Jan
An Experimental Short War Film. A man separated from his troops in the vast forrest has hallucinations of a once loved one.

Miriama Young - Inner

Uploaded by Richard Sidey
Thursday 03 May
Inner is a music & film collaboration between filmmaker Richard Sidey and musician Miriama Young. Filming took place on the islands of Iceland & New Zealand in late 2011. Miriama Young is a composer, vocalist, sound artist, and scholar. She writes music for instrumental and vocal resources, and also works with live and fixed electronic media. Miriama collaborates across disciplines with wor


Uploaded by Richard Sidey
Thursday 03 May
Aeon is a non-verbal experimental documentary depicting a day in the life of New Zealand's capital city, Wellington, through a zen influenced perspective. The film is cyclical in structure, manipulating time freely through both slow motion and time lapse photography to uncover new perspectives of an already creative, and abnormally windy, city. I created this film while in my final year of a V

Hana Fahy - Slide

Uploaded by Richard Sidey
Thursday 03 May
Music video for Hana Fahy's track Slide from her 2010 album World Still Turns. This video is a stop-motion frame-by-frame animation using paper, paint, pencils and a still camera.

The Killing Joke

Uploaded by Sebastian Lopez
Thursday 22 Sep
The Killing Joke is a 15 minute suspense/fiction short film about a mysterious woman that finds a red balloon tied up to a curious little box on an eery derelict street. Using classic elements of suspense and working within a seventies aesthetic, 'The Killing Joke' is an action packed film that pays homage to some of the horror movies from that era. The piece was shot during four intense days of


Tuesday 04 Oct
This story of two desperate for human lives which have lost their faith life... But random conflict situation it opens new horizons for the charms of sense of their lives... Conflict creates love, love is happiness - but happiness is not always durable! People meet by accident, something coincides in their lives - and, in the end, they have to encounter the reason to leave, and accept it as a rule


Uploaded by Jamie Lawrence
Friday 29 Jul
When Peg, a suburban beautician (Geraldine Brophy), discovers her dog has killed the neighbour’s pet rabbit she is forced to undertake extreme measures to cover up the murder.