A freelance writer and copywriter for over fifteen years, Helene has written for publications and brands all over the world and couldn’t imagine herself in any other job. A shameless film freak, her first onscreen experience involved a trip to Avondale’s Hollywood Theatre at the age of five to see Yul Brynner in The Ultimate Warrior and she hasn’t looked back since. A big fan of documentaries, she has interviewed subjects as diverse as Henry Rollins, Jimmy Choo and Beyonce Knowles, and also has her own beauty blog - which can be found at www.mshelene.com - for the purpose of raving about red lipstick, big hair and other essential indulgences.

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We salute the MILFs aka 'Mothers In Legendary Films'

Posted on Thursday 26/06/2014 June, 2014 by
After watching flame-haired goddess and generally amazing actor Julianne Moore in ‘What Maisie Knew’, I was motivated to celebrate the sheer awesomeness of Hollywood’s Mothers In Legendary Films. Or as Rialto boss man Rog put it: “Our favourite MILFs”.

Diamonds are forever

Posted on Thursday 19/06/2014 June, 2014 by Melanie Curry-Irons

“Big girls need big diamonds…” - Elizabeth Taylor

When it comes to great love affairs - be they historical, on screen or real life - Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's is undoubtedly one of the most famous and most glamorous… and most tumultuous. That’s why we love them, and even years later can’t get enough.

Fans of the pair will go mad for the beautifully made biopic ‘Burton and Taylor’, which follows the husband and wife as they reunite to perform the 1983 stage production of Noel Coward's play, 'Private Lives'. The dashing -and seriously talented- Dominic West plays Richard Burton, whilst the fabulously mad Helena Bonham Carter takes her turn playing the equally fabulous raven-haired actress in the BBC drama. I must admit that I was a little dubious about the latter’s appointment in the role when I first heard about it but DAMN she is good. The perfect balance of cheeky, sexy and more than a little mad, she also looks a right treat in many a serious gown, but we all know when it comes to La Taylor it is ALL about the diamonds.

Vive le France AKA why I love French Film

Posted on Tuesday 10/06/2014 June, 2014 by Rialto Admin

When the Rialto Channel boss - AKA the wonderful Rog - asked me to think about “French kissing, French food, French beauty, French style….” as inspiration for this week’s blog, I realised that all four are found in the average French film. Try and think of one that doesn’t involve at least three of the above… I dare you!

Top 10 sassiest women in New Zealand Film

Posted on Thursday 5/06/2014 June, 2014 by Rialto Admin

The temperatures are dropping around the country, but on screen New Zealand women are heating things up both in terms of raw talent and a certain fierceness that just come naturally to local lasses.

So without further ado, here’s our call on the sexiest - or if they prefer, sassiest! - women in New Zealand Film… a top ten:

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